Milwaukee, WI, 1999

CNU VII explored strategies to strengthen the physical, economic, and social aspects of cities.

Plenary Speakers

Opening Remarks

John Norquist - Mayor of Milwaukee

Enticing the Market

  • Jonathan Miller - Lend Lease Real Estate Investments

Revitalizing Downtown

  • Roberta Gratz - Author, Cities Back from the Edge

Reinvesting in Neighborhoods

  • John Krome - City of Philadelphia 

Remaking the City

  • Harvey Gantt
  • Gantt Huberman Architects

Engaging Employers

  • Carl Guardino - Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group

Now That We Have Their Attention: The Political Challenge

  • Congressman Earl Bleumenauer

The Charter for the New Urbanism

  • Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

​Panel Presentations

Leadership in Revitalizing America's Cities

  • Mayors' Panel

Transforming Main Street Retail

  • Joseph Kohl

The Redevelopment of Atlantic Steel

  • Brian Leary

Redesigning Downtown

  • Phil Enquist

The Culture of Technology

The New Economy and the Workplace

  • Kathleen Christensen

Creating Wealth

  • Charles Buki
  • Michael Pyatok
  • Ed Robbins

Does Race Matter?

Taking Control

  • Ann Azari


  • Paul Ostergaard

Local Codes: How to Change the Rules of the Game

  • Joel Russell
  • Robert Sitkowski

Spirit of Place

  • James Kunstler

Road to Livable Streets

  • Gregory Tung

New Urbanism, Old Urbanism

  • Professor Michael Hebbert

Beyond the Big City

  • William J. de St. Aubin