• CNU 32.Cincinnati

    CNU 32 in Cincinnati, OH will be a celebration of great places, regional diversity, and the deep history of opportunity in the Queen City of the West. Join us May 15 - 18, 2024!

  • A pattern language applied to a suburban strip

    A report on a workshop in Charlotte shows how Christopher Alexander’s pattern language can be expanded to improve communities.

  • On The Park Bench: A Public Square Conversation

    CNU's new webinar series to provide a platform for members and allies to discuss, engage, debate how we as a movement can respond to new challenges.

  • Read the 2023 Freeways Without Futures report

    We are facing a watershed moment in the future of urban freeways in North America. These ten campaigns illustrate the evolution of the Highways to Boulevards movement and envision reparative infrastructure that reknits communities, addresses the damage caused by these highways, and centers community priorities.

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Charter Awards 2023

For the 23rd year, CNU's Charter Awards will recognize outstanding achievements in architectural, landscape, and urban design and planning worldwide.

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On the Park Bench

On The Park Bench is CNU's webinar series presenting interactive conversations with thought leaders in New Urbanism and allied industries, providing an opportunity for the audience to engage in real time.

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