Correcting the mistakes of highway planning, invigorating affordable housing, and the growth of urban farming
Good urbanism allows us to look forward and back simultaneously, and the top Public Square articles do that. The most-read pieces cover many aspects of life: architecture, religion, transportation, philosophy, housing, nature, shopping, and even...
Merchants of Woodlawn Avenue, Louisville, KY
It's been a busy few weeks of action and media coverage for the New Urbanism movement, from big-picture ideas to the Legacy Projects in the CNU 27 host city of Louisville
Tower in Calgary, Alberta. By Asparukh Akanayev, Flickr
City geographies shift before our eyes, corporations build housing that government won't, and the "privilege" of driving demands its price
Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade by Hotlanta Voyeur on Flickr
Private funds shore up public reluctance, a new urban transportation coalition, urbanist visions from New Haven to Missoula, and a young NUMTOT speaks up
Density as destiny, highway transformations, retail woes, and the shrinking human habitat
Street design topics, innovative housing types and policies, and large-scale urban planning patterns made for most-read articles on Public Square this year. Bad architecture and the impact of automated vehicles also were fodder for popular pieces....
Downtown San Antonio, by Learning Lark via Flickr
Empowered pedestrians, Harvard hedges against climate change, and online shopping isn't helping
Memorial Park, Houston
Some U.S. cities and towns make bold moves toward better urbanism
Results from a previous Gingertown,  sponsored by David M. Schwartz Architects
Gingerbread urbanism, automated cities, and mapping the safest places in America
Hamilton, Canada parking lot. By Joey Coleman via Flickr. Shared under Creative Commons license
Reclaiming LA's parking, facing climate change, and a more people-centered Madrid
Expressways in Tehran, Iran
While one of the world's great cities persists in suburban sprawl, more American cities turn to walkability