City as Platform: More than a Tour

City as Platform is more than a tour, and more than just a conference session—it is a hands-on, collaborative learning experience in the field.

First debuted at CNU 24 in Detroit, City as Platform will make an encore appearance at CNU 25.Seattle on Saturday, May 6, 2017.

Thanks to the support of over 30 Seattle-based organizations and our local host committee, Congress attendees can join local organizations and community leaders for a day of in-the-field learning and hands-on placemaking in seven neighborhoods across Seattle.

In each three-hour session, Congress attendees travel by bus or on foot to a Seattle neighborhood where they meet local leaders and residents to learn about local initiatives from the leaders themselves, then engage in a dialogue or hands-on exercise to help resolve a pressing, place-based challenge. This year’s sessions range from neighborhood green stormwater infrastructure to community housing to lidding highways to reconnect urban neighborhoods.

While these sessions take a variety of forms—many include a brief tour and an in-depth discussion—participating community members can expect to learn more about a project in their neighborhood, share their local knowledge and experiences, and learn from CNU’s citybuilding and placemaking experts. Meanwhile, Congress attendees can expect to learn about local programs, tools, and best practices and also share and apply their national expertise to help move a local project or initiative forward.

If you live or work in a City as Platform host neighborhood, please join us! City As Platform is included in Congress registration and is free to local community members and neighborhood residents who wish to participate. Learn more about City As Platform at

Saturday, May 6 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

How Green Stormwater Infrastructure Can Help Urban Neighborhoods Thrive

  • Session Organizer: Amy Waterman, Seattle 2030 District
  • Neighborhood | Belltown

Gentrification & The Threat To Black Churches In Central Seattle

  • Session Organizer | Donald King, Mimar Studio
  • Neighborhood | Central District

Crossing The Canyon: Designing Freeway Lids To Reconnect Seattle

  • Session Organizer | Scot Bonjukian & John Feit, Lid I-5 Steering Committee
  • Neighborhood | Downtown

Rainier Arts Center (Re)Design: Arts & Community

  • Session Organizer | Jeanne LeDuc, SEED
  • Neighborhood | Columbia City

Saturday, May 6 | 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Lake City Future First: Activating Public Space

  • Session Organizer | Chris Leverson, Lake City Future First
  • Neighborhood | Lake City

King Street Enhanced Greenway: Reimagining Our Rights To Our Rights-Of-Way

  • Session Organizer | Marisa Hagney, International Living Futures
  • Neighborhood | International District

Sharing Seattle: How To Create Housing That Fosters Radical Sharing

  • Session Organizer | Boyd Pickrell, Coho Community Housing & Grace Kim, Schemata Workshop
  • Neighborhood | Capitol Hill