A YouTube influencer takes for a tour of Culdesac Tempe, one of the more interesting new developments today.
The design keys to making a porch comfortable, usable, and sociable are explained and diagrammed.
This year’s Seaside Prize winners, Joseph Kohl and Victor Dover, discuss how street design is Victor's main issue and Joe will never put down his pen.
CNU practitioners are invited to participate in a design charrette to help war-damaged Ukrainian communities. Team 11, a Congress for the New Urbanism member-led initiative, is working with the nonprofit Neo-Eco Ukraine on a pilot project to replan...
A missing middle development includes a cottage court, mixed-use building, street-fronting cottages, and an accessory dwelling on a narrow parcel near downtown Thunderbolt, Georgia.
A plan is moving forward in Belmont, North Carolina—one of the first communities to adopt a form-based code—that would double the size of the downtown and extend the street grid.
The Wheeler District, an airport redevelopment in Oklahoma City, offers many urban housing types including “shophomes”—mixed-use townhouses like traditional main street dwellings.
A Fayetteville, Arkansas, designer has created a stock plan that works for a wide range of missing middle types, including townhouses, duplexes, cottages, ADUs, and even a pair of fourplexes.
Revisiting the 25 Great Ideas of the New Urbanism shows how the movement and world have changed in the last half decade.
Willkommen Urban Infill in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a scattered-site revitalization of a historic area, focusing on affordable housing. Model Group, 3CDC, and GBBN won a Merit Award in the Block, Street, and Building category of the CNU 2023 Charter...
SCLT Headquarters is an adaptive building reuse and urban plan for a working-class area in Providence, RI. Union Studio Architecture & Community Design won a Merit Award in the Block, Street, and Building category of the CNU 2023 Charter Awards.
Hammond Downtown Master Plan has enabled the Northwest Indiana city to kick start its downtown revival. Speck & Associates and Stantec’s Urban Places won a Merit Award in the Neighborhood, District, and Corridor category of the CNU 2023 Charter...