New Urbanism has a long history in Charlotte. Attendees of CNU 31 can check out its impact next week.
Carlton Landing, a traditional neighborhood development that is its own municipality, is transforming a rural Oklahoma region. DPZ CoDESIGN won a Merit Award in The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town category of CNU's 2022 Charter Awards.
Tech billionaire Marc Lore hired starchitect Bjarke Ingels for a new urban design of a city that would be based upon community ownership of land.
Memphis 3.0 establishes neighborhood centers where mixed-use development may occur incrementally, at different speeds, according to the context.
From identifying “pedestrian pockets” as a regional antidote to sprawl to advocating for the reform of the electoral college, Neal Peirce was ahead of his time.
Doña Ana County, a culturally rich but economically challenged part of New Mexico, is staking its future on walkable communities.
Review of Daniel Solomon's book, Housing and the City: Love versus Hope, Schiffer Publishing, 192 pp., $45 hardcover.
Preserving open space in a time of rising development pressure, while fostering equitable development, requires out-of-the-box thinking.
Downtown has come back to life while the city is building a transit framework for walkable, mixed-use growth along corridors.
In addition to land use that perversely incentivizes the destruction of rural lands with 5-acre lots, the financial system further incentivizes rural subdivisions gobbling up farmland at a frightening rate.