• The rise and fall of Gay Urbanism in West Hollywood

    The LGBT community created a sense of place out of the vast suburban landscape of LA and had a lasting impact on walkability.
    The civil rights protests of the 1960s-70s – from the marches of Martin Luther King to the walkouts of the Chicano movement – were powerful forces for social change across America. They also transformed the very urban fabric of American cities. I’ve devoted much of my career to researching and...Read more
  • A city that works for the elderly works for everybody

    London, like many cities, is aging. That presents a design and policy challenge in housing, transportation, and basic services—issues that relate to changing demographics on both sides of the Atlantic.
    Note: Hank Dittmar co-authored a new report, " Ageing London ," on the special challenge of a growing elderly population in London, an issue faced by cities large and small across much of the globe . Older Londoners are the city’s fastest growing demographic. By 2035, there will be almost two...Read more
  • Historic arcade houses young professionals

    One of the nation's most beautiful historic shopping arcades was restored into affordable micro-lofts and small shops in Providence.
    Two assets of cities are historic buildings and the attraction to a talented workforce. A downside is the shortage of affordable housing, especially downtown. That issue is addressed by the restoration of one of the most beautiful historic shopping arcades as 48 affordable micro-lofts, rents...Read more
  • The promise of small towns

    Our rural landscape is home to a network of more than 25,000 small urban gems boasting hidden assets in infrastructure, resources, and architecture, offering opportunities for entrepreneurial business, building, and living.
    Note: This article was written as part of the Project for Lean Urbanism and edited for Public Square. Big cities and metropolitan areas, due to their large populations, geographic expanse and complex social and political contexts, have in place extensive organizational and regulatory systems...Read more