Town planning

Wealthy tech investors are behind California Forever, one of the most ambitious greenfield plans in a century—for a mixed-use city of 400,000 on 29 square miles in Solano County.
Towns and cities used to grow by extending their street grids. Sprawl makes it harder, but many opportunities still exist. Why don’t we have more of this kind of development?
Speck Dempsey is a partnership between walkability guru Jeff Speck and mobility expert Chris Dempsey.
An Olmsted-inspired plan for Lake Wales, Florida, would revitalize the core, promote new growth in walkable neighborhoods, and preserve green space around the town.
Jeff Speck updates his book, Walkable City, covering significant trends now and over the last decade.
Can typical rural towns in America match the walkable and vibrant atmosphere similar to their European counterparts?
Charles III, who ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom late last week, may be the only world leader who has personally built a successful mixed-use, walkable town.
As a Southern beach town, Seaside is neither utopia nor stage set. Its great achievement is in demonstrating an alternative to two generations of American sprawl.
Beach Town, Las Catalinas creates a rich network of intimate urbanism on a steep site in Costa Rica. Charles Brewer, Douglas Duany, TSW Design, and the Las Catalinas team won a 2022 Charter Award in the Neighborhood, District, and Corridor category.
Macon, Georgia, has been transformed by the Master Plan for Beall’s Hill, which helped tear down the walls between Mercer University and a disadvantaged neighborhood.
With a little love and attention, towns may play a key role in settling climate migrants and balancing urban development in the 21st Century.
The redevelopment of a 700-acre municipal airport in Austin is the reality of what quality development can be, if America embraces good planning and urban design.