• An Olive Branch from the Middle East

    While the election is taking up much of the current press, the budget deficit and continually looming government shutdown still continues to be a problem. However, a proposal has been made for our nation’s capital to withstand a cost saving measure - and this one affects all of us, residents and...Read more
  • No infrastructure repair

    After spending two weeks driving in France, I was impressed by the quality of the roads. The asphalt surface seemed far superior to US roads, as I did not experience the rhythmic bumps that I am used to when driving in America. By US standards the cost of gasoline was exorbitant and my empirical...Read more
  • LA's parking crater

    A recent study in the Journal of the American Planning Association estimates there are 18.6 million parking spots in Los Angeles County, which would cover an area 16 miles in diameter if combined in a single 200-square-mile parking lot. Even spread throughout the region, these parking spaces are a...Read more
  • What drives design in your community?

    For decades, we’ve been designing streets, trails, and parks in many cities and with many clients. One goal is to attract people and investment to places. Another is to design projects that are easy to maintain, safe, attractive, and comfortable for people to use. Typically, clients (e.g. city...Read more