• More walkable, more fair

    Walkability leads to higher social equity, even in cities that have higher housing costs, according to research in the new report Foot Traffic Ahead . The graph above shows that cities with more office, retail, and multifamily development in walkable urban locations also score the highest in social...Read more
  • The McMansion is not a town

    How many gables does this house have? I lost count at 11. The fake dormers and complicated roof line are meant to make up for the lack of variety in this Maryland exurb. Every house nearby has a similarly expansive lawn that is rarely used. Need to get anywhere? Take one of the cars in the multiple...Read more
  • 10+5=15

    AASHTO, FHWA, NACTO and other credible organizations recognize that 10’ general purpose lanes on streets in cities are fine. According to the best research by Eric Dumbaugh and others, 10’ lanes provide equal or superior results for safety compared to 11’ and 12’ lanes. Right-sizing the less safe...Read more
  • Slow Roll

    Note: New York State announced support for, or progress on, two urban freeway teardowns in Buffalo, New York. Like most US cities, Buffalo suffered greatly from ill-considered 20th Century highways that demolished and divided neighborhoods. Now, governments are slowly rolling back the damage from...Read more