• The wheel of community—broken and repaired

    This series of drawings was inspired by the idea that physical communities have enabled nearly every human advancement since the dawn of history. Communities are hubs where people protect themselves, trade, specialize, and share collective memory that allows culture and technology to grow. Human...Read more
  • Built-to-last versus throwaway development

    See how pre-Revolutionary War structures compare to Walmart.
    Big box stores tend to be used up and abandoned fairly quickly. Sometimes they are repurposed, but often demolished, within a generation. Why do some other properties last and last, maintained by generation after generation, contributing to tax rolls and community wealth? Joe Minicozzi of Urban3,...Read more
  • Root zone: Tips for healthy street trees

    This drawing offers a lot of information for the maintenance of healthy street trees, which are critical to urbanism. A rule of thumb is that tree roots will not penetrate soils compacted to greater than 85 percent. Most concrete sidewalk specs call for 95 percent compaction in order to cover worst...Read more
  • Pocket court porchview

    This is the front porch view for the Jacob's Pocket Court neighborhood, a new extension of the Village of Cheshire in Black Mountain North Carolina. The 10-foot deep porch on this cottage faces a small oval–shaped green. The watercolor rendering shows enough details to inform the architecture of...Read more