• Caught in the tram tracks

    As an inexperienced cyclist, I was not aware of the danger that tram tracks pose to bicyclists. While on a tour of the regeneration efforts along an historic industrial canal , my front wheel suddenly lodged in the cavity of a tram track. The jolt hurled me over the handlebars onto the timeless...Read more
  • Life without the EPA

    As I read about plans to reduce the US Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by two-thirds, I am reminded of my travel to Beijing in 2014. As a first-time visitor, I was overwhelmed by the noticeably high level of pollution and poor air quality. At that time the level of ultrafine particles was...Read more
  • Transformative transit this year

    New rail and bus rapid transit routes are being built in virtually every large metropolitan area in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Almost 800 route-miles of new transit infrastructure–most of it with dedicated lanes–is now under construction, at a total cost of almost $80 billion, to eventually serve...Read more
  • Land use, meet transportation

    About thirty years ago, someone told me that “The best transportation plan for a city is a good land use plan.” Over the years, the more I thought about it, the more sense this idea made to me. I realized that the potential for land use changes to help the average city from a transportation...Read more