• The break in the relationship between VMT and GDP

    Chris McCahill of the State Smart Transportation Initiative explains how vehicle miles traveled (VMT) has become decoupled with Gross Domestic Product (GDP). While Americans’ driving habits have long been linked to economic activity, this relationship has weakened considerably over the past roughly...Read more
  • Beijing Bell Tower moonlight

    Urban adventure in China

    Chance encounters with strangers, random humane acts of kindness, and the experience of discovering new places make travel and urban life memorable. And they may possibly influence future behavior. On my first trip to China in 2013, I arrived in Beijing and settled in at the Red Wall Jingshan...Read more
  • Broat to you by public policy

    Sprawl: Brought to you by public policy

    For those who are not land-use planning and development geeks, it may seem like communities are built by market forces or just happen randomly. But most development in America is shaped by zoning codes, other land-development regulations, and finance rules. For the last six decades, these rules...Read more
  • Look sharp: An urban adventure

    Monday Morning in Savannah
    On Sunday night, I am informed that the Mayor of Savannah and several councilmen would be attending tomorrow's luncheon at which I will speak. In the morning, I feel some pressure to look more presentable. After a google search and a few phone calls, I conclude that the only barbershop that opens...Read more