Tom Low

Tom Low is director of Civic By Design and a registered architect and certified planner based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has completed more than 150 multiday design charrettes and directed numerous award winning new urbanism neighborhood projects. He is the author of the Light Imprint Handbook.

Article image for Drive-throughs, walk-ups, and Covid Got A Minute

Drive-throughs, walk-ups, and Covid

It's been several years since I first heard transportation guru Walter Kulash say in a transportation reform lecture: “Trying to solve traffic congestion by adding more lanes is like trying to solve the obesity by loosening your belt.” This still...
TOM LOWSEP. 3, 2020
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Build as if there were no air conditioning

“Build as if you had only the sun to warm and the breezes to cool. Entice yourself outside with great outdoor rooms to condition yourself to the local environment so you can throw the windows open most days. On the most extreme days, use small but...
TOM LOWJUL. 20, 2018
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Retreats, eco-villages, and walkable communities

A retreat is often used in real estate marketing to describe anything from a gated suburban resort subdivision to enclaves and eco-villages. Ideally, a new urbanist neo-traditional version includes the same fundamental principles of villages and...
TOM LOWOCT. 25, 2019