Here's how great walking environments benefit eating and drinking establishments (and vice-versa).
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About thirty years ago, someone told me that “The best transportation plan for a city is a good land use plan.” Over the years, the more I thought about it, the more sense this idea made to me. I realized that the potential for land use changes to...
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The carnage continues. We need to go beyond policies and transform streets themselves, according to a new report.
A pithy summary of why our infrastructure spending goes wrong—and how to fix it.
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Ebenezer Howard’s Garden Cities were carefully planned with strict design codes and infrastructure funded by the uplift in land values. The same principles should be applied to the new garden villages and towns across Britain..
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To bring citizens together is the very purpose of a city. Nashville’s sidewalk deficit emerged for many reasons, but it boils down to this: Planning and development during the Age of Sprawl was designed to keep people apart.
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