Public space

Even a city that is getting better makes mistakes, such as a massive concrete wall around a development in a city where population and urbanism are growing.
Generous public space amenities, including a square and wide sidewalks with trees, are key to transit-oriented suburban retrofit on Route 1 in South Florida.
A biography of William Whyte reveals a big thinker with a keen eye for details and a trust of his own observations over dominant planning theories—a trait he shared with collaborator Jane Jacobs.
A New England-style green creates the site for mixed-use and affordable housing at the center of a historic city.
The 12-foot-wide Blue Line Rail Trail was originally designed to provide emergency access to light rail stations along Charlotte’s Blue Line. “However, since the Blue Line began operating in late 2007, the Rail Trail has been added onto,...
The Evolution of the Civic Realm in Seaside has been part of the ongoing transformation of a classic new urban town to meet current needs. Thadani Architects + Urbanists won a 2022 Charter Award in the Neighborhood, District, and Corridor category.
A ton of people and a well-designed public realm combine in the alchemy of a happy place in LA.
A makeover for a central LA park will create a neighborhood and citywide asset, even as the site prepares to host the biggest international event.
Design is a tool to strengthen community connections, extend the value of the waterfront inland, and to improve sustainability and resilience.
A few simple policy steps rooted in design and public access have dramatically improved a stretch of the Adriatic coast. Similar ideas could be implemented in US towns.
Here are ten of the best public spaces at the heart of cities in America, plus honorable mentions.
Seventy-four public spaces have been created out of underutilized parts of the city street network in the last decade.