Traditional neighborhood developments at the Alabama state capital took sharply different turns after the Great Recession.
The City of Las Cruces is planning an "aspirational" Transect-based neighborhood that includes modular housing on a publicly owned site.
YIMBYtown is a movement, functionally adjacent to CNU, that focuses on how to build more housing in urban places. YIMBY and CNU have complementary roles in urbanism.
A development in Edina, a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis, hits a lot of metrics of sustainable planning. Nolan Mains was built on a 2.8-acre site that was previously nearly 100 percent impervious surface—mainly surface parking lots—in a commercial...
We need a major rethink of gentrification and affordability challenges if we’re going to get anywhere. “Quality In My Back Yard” may offer a path.
Tornagrain in Scotland sets a British example of planning the “15-minute city.” Designed in 2006 and delayed by the 2008 worldwide recession, Tornagrain has been in vertical construction for the last six years near Inverness, the largest city in the...
Frisco Square has doubled the size of a historic downtown as the city prepares for regional transit.
In cities across the country, small buildings are demonstrating a big effect on economic development and municipal finance.
After more than a decade of sporadic advancements, the factory-built cottage idea may finally have arrived. This development could make a difference in quality affordable housing across the US.
I was looking through the recent report, The Best Small Towns to Live Across America, published by Stacker. This kind of real estate list attracts attention, sucks you in like an awards show (which places did they pick?), and is based on nothing...
The character of Georgia Avenue, a historic Atlanta main street, was preserved while injecting new life into a neglected neighborhood.
A neighborhood in Atlanta establishes a Historic District with land-use regulations that protect the architecture in the front of the lot while allowing extensive development in the back.