• Zaryadye Park, Moscow

    Headlines: Slow streets, fast suburbs

    Envisioning smart streets, creating tomorrow's suburbs, and Moscow's first large park in decades
    Lyft’s redesigned street concept could fix L.A. traffic CNN Tech, September 18, 2017 CNU member Jeff Tumlin is part of a team to re-envision streets both for autonomous vehicles and for pedestrians. Why Koreans shun the suburbs CityLab , September 14, 2017 The city apartment is still the dream. The...Read more
  • The distinct sphere at the Amazon headquarters building in Seattle, with the Space Needle in the distance

    Headlines: Urbanism's many shapes and sizes

    Urbanism in small cities and suburbs, planning in a global context, and the stamp of retailers on the form of the city.
    Maybe cities are the future of suburbs Bloomberg View, September 11, 2017 The great urban revival may not be ending, it may just be relocating. Strategies for revitalizing smaller post-industrial cities Planetizen , September 8, 2017 For every Pittsburgh or Cleveland success story, there's a story...Read more
  • Rain drops with a cityscape in silhouette

    Headlines: Design to adapt

    How cities meet the challenges of water, a local fight against transit, and new places for new urbanism
    Is Houston still a model city? Its supporters aren’t backing down New York Times, September 4, 2017 Long before Harvey, Houston was “a Rorschach city…occupying a special place at the center of the debate over how to best build in America.” Florida, Rose: Post-Harvey, the city must reset its...Read more
  • Marching band progresses through Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    Headlines: The many players in urbanism

    Music for cities, cities for all, and new New Urbanist places springing up in the suburbs
    Music can improve our cities. So why isn’t musical urbanism a thing? CityMetric , August 23, 2017 “If cities are living organisms ebbing and flowing within a changing, integrated ecosystem, then music is an indicator that can be used to measure the health and vitality of such an ecosystem.” The...Read more