It’s time for the fire service to become an active partner in overall public safety.
Grenfell Tower in London
There are no adjacent streets, and fire engines had a difficult time reaching the building. It wasn't always this way.
A remarkable and growing body of literature is telling us that healthy communities need face-to-face interaction among their members, something that electronic media cannot replace. Physical places enable or prevent that interaction.
People tend to get more exercise, leading to a powerful salutory effect on health, in neighborhoods with four characteristics.
A holistic neighborhood plan created with the help of citizens is designed to improve health.
“The hospital can be a catalyst to create healthy communities in which walking, social engagement, and positive economic transformation are facilitated.”
The social village has withered in the US, according to The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community, by Marc Dunkelman. How do we restore it?