Jaime Izurieta-Varea

Architect, Historic Preservationist and Urban Designer (Savannah College of Art and Design 2003) and MSc in Urban Management and Development (IHS Erasmus University, 2008). Ideamonger. Founder of Cité. Fábrica de Ideas Urbanas, an urban design firm based in Quito, Ecuador, active since 2003. Contributor to various local and international media. Professor of Architectural Design Studios. Member of the Congress for the New Urbanism. De Facto Ideologist and maker of decent espresso at the family's Quito, Ecuador-based bookstore, Libreria Rayuela.  I believe in cities, which are man's greatest creation, and in their centuries old struggle to resist cataclysms, governments and Le Corbusier. Currently, I work at the intersection of Urban Design, Economic Development and Environmental Psychology, exploring the ecosystem of Innovation Districts, and how citizens respond to their cities' stimuli to become more entrepreneurial, innovative, creative and collaborative.

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The hidden appeal of New Urbanism in Latin America

The current economic conditions in Latin America, as well as a newly found awareness, are slowly opening doors to good city making. But there is work yet to be done.