• ‘Walkable urban’ dominates US commercial development

    Mixed-use, walkable commercial development is outpacing large-scale conventional suburban construction in every major metro area, according to the new report Foot Traffic Ahead : Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros, 2016 . For perhaps the first time in 60 years, walkable urban...Read more
  • The unintended consequences of housing finance

    Federal programs that were created in another era continue to pose barriers to financing mixed-use, compact, sustainable communities—despite lower risk.
    Growing numbers of young and old Americans prefer to live in communities where they can walk to stores, school, services, parks and public transportation. But federal housing rules make it difficult to meet this demand. By capping the amount of com­mercial development permitted in federally-backed...Read more
  • The economic value of a unique place

    How many times have you heard someone say, dismissively, "Oh, that's just aesthetics," or, defensively, "It's not just aesthetics" to signal that a "real" issue is involved, usually economics. Hogwash, says Urban Land Institute scholar Ed McMahon. When it comes to communities, aesthetics and design...Read more