Poll results indicate support for public transportation

Transportation for America released poll results in late March demonstrating overwhelming American support for more resources devoted to public transportation — especially trains. More than four in five voters (82 percent) say that “the United States would benefit from an expanded and improved transportation system” that includes rail and buses. This view is held by an overwhelming majority of voters in every part of the country, even in rural areas.

While saying they would like to able to use other options, 73 percent of those surveyed indicated that they have “no choice but to drive as much as [they] do.” A substantial majority say they would like to spend less time in the car. When asked which transportation mode was most likely to be neglected by the federal government, the majority (57 percent) said trains or light rail systems. Roads (45 percent), and buses (34 percent) were a distant second and third. A majority (58 percent) said more public funds should be allocated to rail, bus, and other public transportation systems. For the full poll results, see http://t4america.org/resources/2010survey