More to learn at CNU 21 breakout sessions

CNU is pleased to announce more than 25 breakout sessions for CNU 21: Living Community. Our annual Congress will be organized around the program tracks, with more than 50 concurrent sessions thaåt make up the heart of the programming on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Breakout sessions offer first-time attendees and seasoned New Urbanists alike a way to create a personalized agenda that suits their interests and sates their curiosities.

This year’s Congress is unique in offering an entire regional track, which emphasizes the rich history and successes of our host, Salt Lake City, and much of the West. Breakout sessions for this track include “Lessons from Envision Utah and Beyond” recounting the nation’s first, long-term regional plan’s successes and lessons learned. Additionally, the tactical urbanists’ pride and joy, Salt Lake City’s Granary District, gets its own session—one of many that examine tactical urbanism, crowd-sourcing neighborhood development, and digital technology integration.

Other breakout sessions include: “Integrating Our Aging Population into Mixed Use Communities,” which demonstrates ways to address the social, physical, and economic needs of our elderly; “Mixed-Use Developments: Less Traffic, Better Analysis” featuring Reid Ewing and Reshaping Metropolitan America, a unique demographic exploration with Dr. Arthur C. Nelson. Ewing and Nelson are from the University of Utah.

We invite you to browse through the breakout session descriptions and design a course that suits you!

Bike, Hike, and Discover SLC on 16 Guided Tours

While in Salt Lake City, we want you to experience one or more of the 16 guided tours at our annual conference, which give comprehensive, personal looks at SLC’s historic progress and legacy. Mountain bike Park City slopes, stroll though New Urbanist developments, or simply explore a myriad of locations in and around SLC, all along the stunning Wasatch Front.

Tours cost between $20 to $50 for CNU members.

Several tours focus on Salt Lake City’s widely lauded New Urbanist community, Daybreak. In “Daybreak: Developing Sustainable Open Space Infrastructure in The West”, participants casually bike through the community, witnessing firsthand how Rio Tinto transformed a prior mining site into a landscape ecosystem framework.

In “Park City Mountain Biking Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Up the Mountain We Go!” participants join experienced guides on a mountain bike tour through world-class ski resorts, learning about the challenges of preserving open space, view sheds, and wildlife corridors. And in “Live Life Like an Olympian!” participants take an affordable housing tour after exploring the Skis & Olympic Games museum and taking the ride of a lifetime down the Comet Bobsled.

Numerous other tours will highlight the charm and social capital of SLC. From the grand and vibrant street grid intersections to the Central Business District at The City Creek to the arts and foodie paradise of the crowdsourced Granary District; this year’s guided tours are essential for attendees who want more from the host city. Sign up, and we promise you’ll experience more.

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