Public Square | Urban highways, infrastructure initiatives, inner cities, district upzoning, cheap land, transit plan, and the next Brooklyn.
Public Square | Highways, cities, artists, Millennials, headquarters, downtowns, streetcars, and how cities are hoping to keep their cultural classes.
Public Square | Urban experimentation, people-first navigation, walkable transformation, and 'Mega-Hyper Gentrification'.
Public Square | Red cities, blue cities, low-cost solutions, infrastructure plans, transit-oriented developments, preservation, indication, and gentrification.
Public Square | Freeways without futures, high-end developments, parking near transit, eviction prevention, immigration, and gentrification.
Public Square | Rural Millennials, infrastructure plans, transportation policy, denser cities, transit funding, walkability, and gentrification.
Public Square | Sanctuary cities, smart cities, identical cities, heavy polluters, intersectional urbanism, flooding, e-bikes, and gentrification.
Public Square | Peak Millennial, the future of the Rust Belt, better air quality, roads, bridges, zoning, neighborhoods, riverfronts, and the outskirts.
Public Square | The public realm, the perfect city, the town center, the Reuters report, eastward extension, discount malls, and segregation.
Public Square | Knight names finalists, Google Maps studies parking, Rob compares systems, cities look to the future, and communities escape gentrification.
Public Square | New town centers, deep learning, destination suburbs, outlying suburbs, 20-minute neighborhoods, and gentrification.
Public Square | Smart cities, fighting gentrification, straddling buses, environmental issues, reconnection, recognition, demonstration, and revitalization.