I-66 gridlock at rush hour in Virginia
A new dynamic toll for commuters in Virginia, how AVs will change the way we design, and the single-family home dilemma
Democracy up for bid, curbside knowledge, the passing of a great scholar, and cities step up for sustainability
People enjoying a walkable street
Debunking a “smart city” in the desert, responding to NIMBYs, and walkability as the linchpin for complete streets
Proposed bikeways for Beaverton, OR
How people really use streets, the perfect placement of bus stops, and bikeways for a suburb of Portland
World map of sea level rise
Designing for rising seas, barriers “for” bikes, and how highways hurt local taxes
Freeways coming down, life underfoot, and the colors of American architecture
Alphabet Sidewalk Labs version of the future
New urbanism is far from over, a 'smart city' development moves forward in Toronto, and persistent myths about poverty are debunked
Boise 8th street showing wide sidewalk, street trees, and bicyclists
Tiny houses, women and walking, and the ubiquity of urbanists
Domino Sugar plant in Brooklyn
Designing with women in mind, rethinking parking, and planning toward Martin Luther King's vision of community
Zaryadye Park, Moscow
Envisioning smart streets, creating tomorrow's suburbs, and Moscow's first large park in decades
The distinct sphere at the Amazon headquarters building in Seattle, with the Space Needle in the distance
Urbanism in small cities and suburbs, planning in a global context, and the stamp of retailers on the form of the city.
Rain drops with a cityscape in silhouette
How cities meet the challenges of water, a local fight against transit, and new places for new urbanism