Zaryadye Park, Moscow
Envisioning smart streets, creating tomorrow's suburbs, and Moscow's first large park in decades
The distinct sphere at the Amazon headquarters building in Seattle, with the Space Needle in the distance
Urbanism in small cities and suburbs, planning in a global context, and the stamp of retailers on the form of the city.
Rain drops with a cityscape in silhouette
How cities meet the challenges of water, a local fight against transit, and new places for new urbanism
Marching band progresses through Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Music for cities, cities for all, and new New Urbanist places springing up in the suburbs
A two-lane road leading into a brightly painted tunnel in Jaipur, India
Places for people, a global perspective on New Urbanism, and considering the impacts of urbanist decisions
Sign at Seaside, Florid counts population at 1,228 including cats and dogs
Toward sustainable urbanization, bringing tactical urbanism in-house, and walkable towns fight the big boxes
Colorfully painted Birwood Wall a reminder of racial segregation in Detroit's neighborhoods
Making zoning fair again, a teen's view of gentrification, and New Urbanist communities springing up
People sitting outside on New York City Highline
Parking falls out of favor, small-scale development meets with challenges, and more steps are taken toward walkability
Children in Greenbelt, Maryland, circa 1937
The transit of tomorrow, why water is the planning challenge of the era, and how the New Deal lives on in Maryland.
St Peters and Paul Church, San Francisco, by Thomas Hawk on Flickr
Pinpointing suburban poverty, an argument for gentrification, when residents side with developers, and what 5,000 Americans think of urban design.
Austin Skyline from Lake Austin by Norm Lanier on Flickr
Living it up in dead malls, learning from Mr. Rogers, and walkable centers in suburbs
Berczy Park Fountain in Toronto.
Complete streets, parks for dogs, lessons on urbanism, gentrification, and the passing of a great urbanist too soon