"In a metamorphosis, New Orleans — once overwhelmed by failed levees and Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters — is moving to become a national model of how an urban center can embrace green tactics to tame water."
"A new study that looks at land loss across the American West shows urban sprawl encroaching on Nevada's wide open spaces."
"Americans may be known for their love of cars, but walkability is the preferred mode of transportation for many homebuyers these days."
"Walking is a human right. There are physical, psychological and spiritual benefits to exploring our world on foot."
"The unprecedented safety shutdown of Washington’s subway for a day in March laid bare the deteriorating conditions that created a crisis."
"What would happen if your city, in the name of progress, started giving poorer residents vouchers for landline telephones rather than smartphones?"
"Urban planners can take steps to reduce the heat cities may experience from climate change, but there would be other consequences and tradeoffs to consider, according to a study at Purdue University."
"Between 1840 and 1910, the population of Manhattan grew sevenfold, reaching a peak of 2.3 million in 1910. The average population density of its built-up areas tripled during this period."
"When a metropolitan area adds population, it typically does so in part by adding people to areas that are already developed (infill) and in part by expanding its geographic footprint (sprawl)."