"American cities are emerging as an integral piece to the sustainability puzzle with major metropolitan areas setting ambitious energy efficiency targets and regulatory requirements, ultimately serving as hubs for strategic solutions and innovation."
"Maryland's incorporated subdivisions could be at a crossroads with their individual fates decided, in part, on how each chooses to redevelop and revitalize their respective downtown Main Street areas."
"Silicon Valley's largest and most well-respected start-up accelerator is looking into the possibility of creating a city from scratch."
"On Thursday, June 23, the city of San Francisco celebrated the end of the National Week of Making, held June 17-23, by highlighting four initiatives meant to expand the maker movement’s reach in manufacturing while enhancing its public exposure."
"The transit center provides Denver with a key piece of infrastructure (not to mention a signifier of ambition and status) while finally completing a plan that was over 20 years in the making."
"An ambitious plan to create a 3,000-home “new urbanism” community in eastern Jackson County will get a small start Friday at Truman Road just east of Little Blue Parkway."
"Columbus will soon have $140 million from the public and private sectors to kick-start an initiative to improve mobility in U.S. communities."
"As part of its campaign to build economic development through better mass transportation, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's administration is giving about $6.4 million to 11 communities to spur residential or commercial growth near transit hubs."
So, how close is the apartment to public transit? The Boston Globe  – June 17, 2016 When Evan Ozimek-Maier and his wife, Alyssa, moved back to Massachusetts from California, they had one key requirement for their new home: It had to be...
"​With 5.8 million residents and an economic output of more than $300 billion, the Greater Miami regional economy is one of the largest in the world, comparable to Singapore or Hong Kong."
"A proposal to build a Metro station in Alexandria’s growing Potomac Yard community, which officials say is needed for increasing transportation choices and attracting transit-oriented development, is moving forward after years of delays."
The smart city delusionThe Straits Times – June 14, 2016Unfortunately, egged on by swarms of technology companies and management consultants, these visions of technological utopia face a real risk of turning into expensive delusions.