Ballparks: Frisco’s on first

Brian O’Looney of Torti Gallas & Partners took issue with an article in the March issue of New Urban News, stating that a proposed plan in Chico would, “for the first time in the US,” embed a professional baseball stadium into the urban fabric of a new town center.

O’Looney drew our attention to Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Ballpark, which opened in 2003 in Frisco, Texas. It was designed by David M. Schwarz Architectural Services, where O’Looney worked at the time. “It is part of an overall pedestrian-oriented master plan,” he says. “A hotel has opened across the street from center field, and townhouses are now being sold that will line the street across from the outfield. Office over retail mixed-use buildings are planned to the south and west, across from home plate. All these buildings will line the streets surrounding the ballpark, and screen the extremely large parking decks that result from the onerous parking loads of the two sports facilities.” u