• More storefronts, more jobs

    Earlier this week, we introduced the Storefront Index , a measure of the location and clustering of customer-facing retail and service businesses. A primary use of the index is to identify places that have the concentration of retail activity that we generally associate with a vibrant neighborhood...Read more
  • Gold in the streets of Michigan

    CNU recently completed four Legacy Charrettes in advance of CNU 24 in Detroit. On Monday through Thursday we published articles on the fascinating plans by top new urbanists. Two of the charrettes focused on city neighborhoods and other two focused on suburban downtowns and main streets. A common...Read more
  • For Detroit artery, the future is urban

    CNU Legacy Charrette team boosts confidence in a neighborhood with a languishing commercial corridor.
    The difference between Detroit's Grand River Avenue and the surrounding pleasant, attractive residential neighborhoods is like night and day. The high-vacancy thoroughfare is a highway for cars and trucks, while the low-vacancy neighborhoods are designed as civic art for people. "The overwhelming...Read more
  • Downtown Pontiac: 'Nothing looks impossible'

    The Legacy Charrette plan includes both incremental steps to kick-start economic and cultural activity and long-term visions.
    Pontiac, Michigan, could be headed for a downtown revival, a CNU Legacy Charrette team led by DPZ Partners told citizens and officials. The keys to unlocking economic development are to transform the massive one-way Woodward Loop, also called the Wide Track, that currently sends traffic around...Read more