Development & Implementation

The California Redevelopment Challenge

Let's start thinking carefully about the policy targets for replacing California's redevelopment program.   First, consider this very cogent and pointed assessment of the current situation from USC planning professor Lisa Schweitzer.  This piece is required reading for New Urbanists practi... read more »

Tell the US Green Building Council How It Can Improve LEED Certification System

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is in the process of updating its green building rating systems including LEED-ND  and is encouraging public comments. The public comment period is closing this Wednesday, September 14. ... read more »

Cool Planning: LEED-ND in Plain English

In giving some advice on LEED-ND on Pro-Urb, John Anderson once wrote "LEED-ND is a reasonable (but in my view excruciating) way to go."  He suggested other paths to get to a similar place with "less brain damage." ... read more »

This Week's Citiwire - The Future of the Strip: Downhill

This week's Citiwire includes an article entitled "The Future of the Strip: Downhill" by Edward McMahon, senior fellow at ULI. It is a fascinating look at the future of commercial and retail development in this country. Citiwire is a weekly publication of the Citistates Group. ... read more »

Ways to Use LEED-ND

Kaid Benfield recently wrote a blog entry about how local groups and citizens can use LEED-ND. Check it out here! ... read more »

CNU Pushes Fannie and Freddie to Relax Standards for Mixed-Use Development

CNU's efforts to work with NAHB and NTBA to encourage Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to relax their standards for mixed-use development has been getting some press. Read our own CNU News release here. ... read more »

LEED-ND Bicycle Network and Storage Credit: A Few Recommendations

With LEED-ND and other LEED rating systems open for public comment until January 14, 2011, CNU asked me to evaluate the current Bicycle Network and Storage credit (Smart Location and Linkage Credit 4), and to recommend improvements to the existing language.   ... read more »

Managing EcoDistricts

Managing Ecodistricts by Mary Vogel for Sustainable Industries ... read more »

Capturing Sprawl

A recent article featured on's home page shows pictures taken by Christoph Gielen, a German photographer, of sprawl in America. He says that "sprawl is a really careless use of new land. I want people who look at my photos to start a reconsideration of how they live through art." These imag... read more »