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What Does "Reeducation Internment" (Concentration) Camps Have To Do With Democracy And Development In the US?

Recently, documents have been leaked to the general public that outlines the Department Of Defense's (DOD) plan to build and operate "reeducation internment" camps for the purpose of "reeducating political dissidents" in the United States. read more »

How Much Will Ocean Levels Rise? Playa Santa Catalina, Panama

Ocean level rise is a very controversial topic in the development field.  There are many studies and theories as to exactly how much the ocean levels will rise in the coming years; and then of course there is the school of thought that people that believe in global warming/climate change and/or... read more »

Follow This: Twitter Brings Investors & Developers to Mid-Market San Francisco

The following post comes courtesy of Global Site Plans' The Grid. CNU and Global Site Plans recently teamed up to syndicate Grid content, as its contingent of writers presents a view on the opportunities and issues of urbanization all across the world. CNU will carry select posts from the Grid dire... read more »

Why Your Gas Tank Matters: An Alternative View to Public Transportation

I’m sure it’s been beaten into your head by now that driving your car is bad, and that the more enlightened choice is to take public transportation. We’ve all heard the stats of pollution and we know that the built form being designed around the car has destroyed a walkable environment based ... read more »