Development & Implementation

CNU weighs in on 2009 stimulus with proven housing strategies

CNU chair Ray Gindroz, president John Norquist, and board member Sam Sherman recently sent a memo to Rep. ... read more »

A New Urbanist Version of

In calling for members to use to share crisis strategies and enhance our national agenda, Board Chair Ray Gindroz also advances a major idea for “Rebuild America Bonds” ... read more »

Living up to its plans: Mixson is as European as US development gets (plus green and entry-level priced)

Mixson earned a Charter Award from the 2008 jury based on revelatory plans like the rendering shown here in detail. ... read more »

Battling City Hall on Narrow Streets & Alleys

I would be very interested to learn from others how to deal with local government on the issue of narrow streets and alleys. ... read more »

General Jerry Brown and his War on Sprawl

Longtime politician and current California Attorney General Jerry Brown has recently won a battle in his war against sprawl in his home state. ... read more »

A Breakdown of California's SB 375

CP & DR has penned this neat, and extensive, breakdown of the new regional planning requirement guidelines that Gov. Schwarzenegger just signed into law. ... read more »

Wall Street Journal, Front Page, August 2, 2008

After the Bubble, Ghost Towns Across America Half-Built Subdivisions Are Lonesome Places; 'There's Just No Noise' By ALEX ROTH August 2, 2008; Page A1 ... read more »

New Urbanism's strength clear in Charlotte property market

An article in this Sunday's Charlotte Observer casts a light on one of a very few bright spots in the Charlotte real estate market: New Urbanist and urban infill developments. ... read more »

The Continuing Story of the Buffalo Skyway

Buffalo Business First reports that the debate over what to do with the antiquated Skyway freeway in downtown Buffalo is beginning to stall. ... read more »

Help Elect a CNU Member to Local Office

Dear CNU, I am a municipal land use planner and member of the Congress for New Urbanism. I know from first-hand experience how difficult it is to realize the promise of great urban places due to the outdated zoning codes and policies that we all struggle with - and I want to change that. Won't you... read more »