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CNU Video Shows How Walkable Urbanism Can Reduce Driving and Slash Carbon Emissions

Like switching out all of your light bulbs thirty five times


Traditional Mixed-Use Neighborhoods Protect Home Buyers from Rising Gas Prices

Choice of neighborhood can reduce household driving miles by 10,000 or more, saving hundreds of dollars per month


UPDATED: A NU Look at Obama and McCain

See our summary of their positions on issues near and dear to urbanists


Congress Day One: Climate Change, Market Turmoil Raise Stakes as CNU Brings Urban Solutions to Austin

Fast-Growing Austin Rallies Behind Gathering as Chance to Control Its Destiny


CNU XVI Athena Award Winners

Three New Recipients of the CNU's Athena Medal


Announcing the Recipients of the 2008 Charter Awards

Jury Selects 15 Projects that Set the Standard for Today's Urbanism


Street Design and Emergency Response Initiative

Your Input Is Needed


Top Teardown Survey

Contribute to CNU's list of top highway to boulevard opportunities