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Norquist Receives Ed Bacon Award for Professional Excellence

Bacon valued the complexity of urban fabric when others sought to destroy it


Submit Your Work for New Urbanism's Premier Annual Award

Charter Awards 2009 Honor the Urbanism the World Needs Now


Public Comment Now Open for LEED-ND

CNU Calls on Urbanists to Comment on the Latest Draft of the Rating System


Before Dash to Invest Billions in Transport Systems, Experts Meet to Redesign Them So They Work Better

CNU Summit shifts focus from simply moving cars to getting people efficiently where they need to go


Green architect and urbanist Sim Van der Ryn celebrated with Athena Award

"Father of sustainable design" calls for "resilient" communities


Charlotte calling: Transportation Summit is your opportunity for trail blazing work

Davidson tour sold out, few seats left for light rail; don't be left behind!


Touring New Urbanism in Denver with Next American City

A Sneak Peek at the Host City


CNU Names Top 10 "Freeways Without Futures": Revived Neighborhoods and Waterfronts Ahead

Seattle, Buffalo, Washington DC may be next to stimulate billions in urban reinvestment by tearing down unneeded elevated highways slicing through their hearts


Transportation Summit focuses on networks

Charlotte discussions might affect pending federal transportation bill


Save the Date

CNU 17, June 10-14, 2009, in Denver