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CNU Names Top 10 "Freeways Without Futures": Revived Neighborhoods and Waterfronts Ahead

Seattle, Buffalo, Washington DC may be next to stimulate billions in urban reinvestment by tearing down unneeded elevated highways slicing through their hearts


Transportation Summit focuses on networks

Charlotte discussions might affect pending federal transportation bill


Save the Date

CNU 17, June 10-14, 2009, in Denver


Web hub provides one-stop guide to recovery issues and efforts in coastal Mississippi

Knight Foundation, Sun-Herald and CNU partner to support 3rd-anniversary updates to


Major Green Innovators Join Together for CNU's Sustainable Communities 2008

Join a group of foremost experts in exploring the field that will determine the future of our cities and our planet


CNU Google Map: Urbanism's Advantage as Gas Prices Soar and Housing Market Sours

Economic, environmental concerns tarnish sprawl's appeal


CNU Video Shows How Walkable Urbanism Can Reduce Driving and Slash Carbon Emissions

Like switching out all of your light bulbs thirty five times


Traditional Mixed-Use Neighborhoods Protect Home Buyers from Rising Gas Prices

Choice of neighborhood can reduce household driving miles by 10,000 or more, saving hundreds of dollars per month


UPDATED: A NU Look at Obama and McCain

See our summary of their positions on issues near and dear to urbanists