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The Bulldozer Wins

Lee Myung Bak, the "Bulldozer", was elected as President of South Korea on Wednesday. ... read more »

As deadlines loom, the fight for Buffalo's waterfront escalates

While the New York State Transportation Department prepares to award construction contracts for an improvement of Buffalo's Route 5 elevated expressway, ... read more »

Austin Officials Solidifying Role of New Urbanism

As recent Austin Business Journal articles can attest, planning in Austin is becoming more and more dominated by new urbanists. ... read more »

Austin Chronicle Discusses Planning with Duany, Dittmar

CNU Board members Andres Duany and Hank Dittmar are featured in Katherine Gregor's "Developing Stories" article from the No ... read more »

Charlotte residents in awe of new light rail line

Charlotte's Lynx Blue Line opened on Saturday, November 24, as thousands gathered to ride the city's new light rail line. ... read more »

Chesterfield County, Virginia Hopes Roseland Can Curb Sprawl

After years of apathy and exclusion in the planning of developments, a recently elected Board Supervisor in Chesterfield County, VA is pushing for increased community participation while halting exces ... read more »

Philadelphia Inquirer, University of Pennsylvania Call for Form Based Code in Philadelhia "Embrace 21st-century zoning..."

"Ditch the complicated mathematics of conventional zoning for a new “form-based” code, one that starts with how a building meets the street, defines public space, and matches its context. ... read more »

Second Life As Urban Hipsters. 11/27/07 Philadelphia Inquirer

"They will leave the suburbs for the convenience of being able to walk nearly everywhere, the comfort of nearby neighbors, the stimulation of the city's cultural institutions and the proximity of good ... read more »


Oil Officials See Limit Looming on Production. ... read more »

Camden is likely to stay fifth 'most dangerous."

Developer Carl Dranoff, who has committed $300 million to two high-rise housing projects and mixed housing on the Camden waterfront, said he remained bullish on the city. ... read more »