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In the News: Charrette produces ideas, enthusiasm for Brewery District

Charrette produces ideas, enthusiasm for Brewery District by Kevin LeMaster from Soapbox Cincinnati ... read more »

Hope Flourishes With Camden Prison Closed

After years of requests, the state is preparing to close the prison. ... read more »

Ten Most Enlightened Suburbs - Models for the Future

At UTNE Reader Peter Katz and Jay Walljasper outline ten North American communities that are defying the notion of "suburb." ... read more »

Retool America's Post-Oil Economy: CNU's Dan Solomon nails new "national purpose" in San Francisco Chronicle

In yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle, CNU co-founder Dan Solomon writes that the US has both the need ... read more »

Is this change?

The House of Representatives released an executive summary of the incoming Obama administration's proposed ... read more »

The Atlantic on the CNU Transportation Summit: seizing the moment for walkable transportation networks

The January issue of the Atlantic has a short, smart dispatch from CNU's November Transportation Summit with a subhead that get ... read more »

Demand dims for energy-efficient homes

Demand dims for energy-efficient homes By Chris Kahn Associated Press ... read more »

A Diamond in the Rough

The distant Chicago suburb of Round Lake may just turn out to be an impressive little New Urbanist place. ... read more »

New Urbanist advice for Obama

President-elect Obama is asking Americans to submit ideas for his administration. New Urban News is taking him up on that offer. ... read more »

Retrofitting Suburbia

Retrofitting anyone? ... read more »