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Urgent: Call your Senators TODAY to save the Partnership for Sustainable Communities

The following is an open letter from Smart Growth America President & CEO Geoff Anderson. As the letter states, the time is now for individuals to voice support in making sure that Congress maintains funding for the Partnership for Sustainable Communities: ... read more »

Port Royal School Kept Open, Historic Community Preserved

Image from The Digitel Last Friday, The Beaufort County School Board voted to keep Port Royal Elementary School (PRES) open after it faced threats of closure. The decision was reached after a widespread campaign spearheaded by CNU-Beaufort/Carolinas to preserve the 100-year-old school. Historic s... read more »

Dispatches from The Just City: A Ford Forum on Metropolitan Opportunity

Yesterday, New York City played host to the Ford Foundation's The Just City: A Ford Forum on Metropolitan Opportunity. The event brought together urban-minded leaders such as Atla ... read more »

Driving into a (Bored-)Hole (Tunnel): The Latest on Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct

The recent news out of Seattle provides an interesting twist in the continuing Alaskan Way Viaduct saga. ... read more »

House Appropriations Committee Votes to Cut Smart Growth Funding

  The following comes direct from the Smart Growth America blog, in response to legislation just passed by the House Appropriations Committee: ... read more »

CNU Voices Featured Heavily in New York Times' Room for Debate Blog

The recent New York Times article "Across Europe, Irking Drivers is Urban Policy"  has sparked a series of follow-up debates on the Times' Room-for-Debate blog. ... read more »

The North Carolina Senate's Big Act

Although Governor Bev Perdue - a Democrat - now heads North Carolina, one would hardly equate the Tar Heel State as a capital of big government. In the land of states' rights, logic would seemingly dictate that the North Carolina state legislature would allow for local municipalities to operate free... read more »

Ed Glaeser’s vision of the “bright urban future”

“Knowledge is more important than space,” Harvard Prof. Ed Glaeser told an SRO audience at the Friday morning plenary of CNU 19. And that, he added, is the story of cities writ small. ... read more »

People are Talking...

  Excitement is building for CNU 19 in Madison! In addition to being the featured topic on WISC-TV's "For the Record," (see post here), the following outlets are singing the CNU 19 song: ... read more »