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Eye on the Street: April 1, 2011

  Today's "Eye on the Street" entry comes from Art CuetoYale Avenue, Claremont, Ca. Art says: "A very livable street."     ... read more »

Beware! Data-fudgers from Detroit Might "Steal" Your Car in Milwaukee

This past February, a website called issued a report on the Top Ten U.S. Neighborhoods for auto theft. ... read more »

Streetfilms Takes on Highway Removal with CNU's John Norquist

The latest edition of Streetfilms' "Moving Beyond the Automobile" series takes a look at Highway Removal. CNU's John Norquist sets the stage:   ... read more »

Spotlight Shines on William Cronon

As we reported here just a few days back, William Cronon - University of Wisconsin–Madison history professor, author of Nature's Metropolis, and ... read more »

Eye on the Street: March 28, 2011

Today's "Eye on the Street" entry comes from Chris Whitis of www.sitephocus.comWhitis points his eye towards Charlottesville, VA's main drag.     ... read more »

New Urban Mom

One of the great benefits of New Urbanism is how its design principles foster greater community engagement and conversation. A wonderful site from Sharon McMillan,, illustrates this tenet in action. ... read more »

Eye on the Street: March 21, 2011

Today's "Eye on the Street" entry comes from CNU-member Michael Lewyn. Lewyn says of his pic: "A residential street in Buckhead- what a difference sidewalks and trees together make!"   ... read more »

Who is ALEC? Professor William Cronon answers...

Who is ALEC? Professor William Cronon, featured speaker at this year's upcoming CNU 19, answers that question while breaking down the current political tides overwhelming Wisconsin. Register for CNU 19 now to secure your spot to hear Cronon speak in Madison! ... read more »

Love Freedom? Move to the City.

CNU has always been a champion for context-sensitive and common sense strategies that enliven our communities. Advocating for dense, walkable and mixed-use neighborhoods helps foster awareness of the many ancillary benefits of urban-based living. ... read more »

Milwaukee in Chicago!

Our CEO & President, and former Milwaukee mayor John Norquist, poses for a pic with Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman in our office today! ... read more »