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Impact Innovation: The Economic Spin on Cultural Tourism in Chicago

Mitch Nichols, President of the Nichols Tourism Group, spoke to a packed room of Chicago tourism supporters on Tuesday. The Nichols Group just completed a yearlong study on the cultural tourism of Chicago. Nichols presented four ‘key lessons’ of his study and highlighted numerous statistics to ... read more »

Can 'New Urbanism' Bring Health to Your Neighborhood?

"'s about living amid convenient goods and services and the intangible spirit of a vibrant community. At the forefront of the movement is the Congress for New Urbanism, a nonprofit organization that promotes restoring cities and reworking suburbs into walkable and sustainable communities. B... read more »

CNU Named to Top 20 International Urban Planning Websites: Giants of Urban Planning,

CNU is honored to be included on the list of "Top 20 International Urban Planning Websites: Giants of Urban Planning," as judged by Global Site Plans. Read the full listing at the GSP site here. ... read more »

Listen Live to John Norquist on Chicago Public Radio's "848"!

Listen to the archive of Norquist's appearance here. ***** Listen live to CNU's John Norquist, appearing on Chicago Public Radio's "848" morning program, as he speaks alongside Brookings' Chris Leinberger on the demographic desire and strong economic performance of walkable, urban areas. ... read more »

Eric Dumbaugh's "Rethinking the Economics of Traffic Congestion"

Florida Atlantic University professor Eric Dumbaugh makes yet another case for congestion in this piece for The Atlantic Cities, "Rethinking the Economics of Traffic Congestion." ... read more »

Rebuilding urban Judaism

In most car-oriented American cities, Jews moved to the suburbs as rapidly as anyone else, if not more so.  As a result, most such cities lack a Jewish presence anywhere near downtown.  For example, until recently the most "urban" synagogues in Dallas and Kansas City were six or seven mile... read more »

The Urbanophile on LEED-ND and Chicago's Lathrop Homes

This following post comes courtesy of Aaron Renn, aka The Urbanophile. In recent years, Renn has emerged as the one of the leading voices on all matters urban. This piece is his first contribution to the CNU salons and focuses on how LEED-ND can be applied to the remediation of the Chicago Housing ... read more »

Retail Update: Simple Suburban Crashes, Complex Urban Thrives

While Sears' K-mart unit struggles downward, the benefits of curated (but higher-cost) stores that require complex urbanism win press:  Sears to Close 100+ Kmart stores:  Hyper-local markets provide big economic boost:      ... read more »

The Plan for Transformation, LEED-ND Style

Beginning in 2000, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development launched the most ambitious redevelopment of public housing since the 1950s.   ... read more »

Grid Chicago talks transportation with John Norquist

Grid Chicago recently sat down and spoke with John Norquist about his transportation successes as Mayor of Milwaukee, and how Chicago has maintained a sense of vibrancy due to preserving its transit network. Read the interview here. ... read more »