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An excellent article in The Economist on the importance of cities

I had a feeling Glaeser's book would be mentioned as I started reading and there it was, in the fifth paragraph. Interesting statistics and argument. ... read more »

Downtown Revival: Where It Happened, Where It Didn't

The Census Bureau recently issued a report on population patterns in metropolitan areas.   Most of the report is about metro-wide population patterns generally, as opposed to urban cores.  However, page 27 of the report caught my eye.  This table refers to "Percentage Change in P... read more »

Let LA be LA (And New York, And Cleveland...)

I recently read a blog post asserting that Los Angeles must be a suburban city, because "what makes LA LA is that people do want to live in a suburban environment."    Since I don't live in Los Angeles (and have never been tempted to move there) perhaps this is none of my business. ... read more »

Nonsense About The City

As I was reviewing the Planetizen web page, I noticed a bizarre headline: "Are Cities Driving Us Crazy?" I then clicked the link, finding a story in Nature magazine: "Stress and the City".  The article suggests that the stress of city life is a "breeding ground for psychosis." And the evidence ... read more »

Wanted: Artwork for CNU Charter Book

Want to get published in the new CNU Charter Book (McGraw-Hill, 2013)?  ... read more »

Conservatives, Liberals and Urbanists

After reading all manner of political posts on Facebook and various listservs, it occurs to me that conservatives and liberals are more alike than they think. Both groups are driven in part by an emotional fear of concentrated power - sometimes sensible, sometimes not.  Conservatives fear being... read more »

INVITATION TO EXHIBIT: Successful Designs for Reshaping Suburbia

INVITATION TO EXHIBIT Successful Designs for Reshaping Suburbia 50th IMCL Conference on Reshaping Suburbia into Complete Healthy Communities ... read more »

ArtPlace Launches New Grants for 2013

From our friends at Artplace: Creative placemaking is getting another boost today, as ArtPlace launches its third round of grant applications to support creative placemaking in communities across America. ... read more »

CITY SPOTLIGHT: Cincinnati and the Streetcar: Part II

This post is part of a new series on the CNU Salons, CITY SPOTLIGHT. City Spotlight shines a light on the latest news, developments and initiatives occurring in cities and towns where CNU members live and work. ... read more »

Good news and bad news about Carmel

The most recent "Better! Cities and Towns" has a glowing profile of Carmel, Indiana, an Indianapolis suburb that has rebuilt its downtown. ... read more »