Ohio and Wisconsin Lose High-Speed Rail Money

Wisconsin and Ohio lost their combined $1.2 billion in stimulus dollars to make passenger rail improvements that were intended to eventually be part of the Midwest high-speed rail network. According to the New York Times, the funding will be rerouted to other states, primarily California and Florida... read more »

Madison Residents Fight for Narrower Streets

Check out Neighbors won fight for narrower Willy St. — now they want even more by Pat Schneider. ... read more »

Highway to Boulevard?: Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct

In 2008, it was announced that Seattle’s major north-south thoroughfare, the Alaskan Way Viaduct, was beyond repair and would need to be torn down by 2012. ... read more »

Access to Chicago Metra Stations Increases Value of Suburban Homes

A recent article by Kay Severinsen from SearchChicago-Homes reports on a study done by RE/MAX on the value of suburban homes. The study found that access to public transit and the distance from downtown Chicago has a big impact on home prices. ... read more »

Confessions of a Recovering Engineer

Take a moment to read Confessions of a Recovering Engineer here at the Strong Towns Blog. Good reading for anyone trying to sway opinion on road widths, speeds and other standards. ... read more »

High Speed Rail

CNU believes high-quality intercity rail service is part of a complete transportation system, and is bemoaning the election setbacks for high-speed rail, notably in Wisconsin and Ohio. ... read more »

Adopt a CTA station (or line or bus)?

The Chicago Transit Authorty (CTA) announced yesterday that it is looking to sell the naming rights for its train stations, train lines, bus stops, and bus lines. ... read more »

Rail and District Energy: Streets Paved in Better Than Gold

I'd like to get your opinion:  Could use of district energy for heating and cooling help to allow better urban design by increasing value in core area buildings (where it works best)?  District energy was a hot topic at Portland's second annual EcoDistricts Summit Oct 25-27, 2010. ... read more »

Highway to Boulevard Conversions Appear in Tiger II Grants

The New Haven Register is reporting that Phase 1 of the Downtown Crossing -- which will begin to remove Route 34 from downtown -- has been awarded a $16 million dollar Tiger II grant.... read more »

Initial Phase of Fort Worth, TX Modern Streetcar Chosen, Funding Identified

The Fort Worth, Texas Modern Streetcar Project consultant HDR, Inc. has now selected a Phase One alignment, and identified funding.  The starter alignment would link Trinity Uptown, Downtown, and the Near Southside, and would tie into two commuter rail stations. ... read more »