International Transport Reform

Description:  How does the CNU/ITE’ “Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities” compare with other international street design manuals, especially recent efforts in the UK and Australia? Experts... read more »

Smart Growth Streets/Emergency Responders April 2008 Workshop

Description:  Two dozen engineers, fire marshals and planners gathered in Austin, Texas, on April 1 and 2, 2008, for the first workshop of a multi-year CNU project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to find street design solutions enc... read more »

Mr. DOT Secretary, Tear Down this Wall*

Description:  While the economic benefits of removing urban freeways are well documented, the transportation benefits are still debated. Questions about the impact on traffic can present an obstacle to revitalization. Experiences from San Francisco a... read more »

Putting Traffic in Its Place: Using the New CNU/ITE Manual*

Description:  Implementers of the ITE/CNU manual on urban thoroughfares must manage and put into perspective concerns about traffic volume. This workshop will present traditional transportation principles, highlighting the role of the network, and w... read more »

Beyond the Blue: What's Next for CNU, ITE and the Project for Transportation Reform?

Description:  The CNU/ITE collaboration on Context Sensitive Solutions for Major Urban Thoroughfares has been a Proposed Recommended Practice for over a year. CNU members and others recently submitted comments that will determine the future of this d... read more »

New Rail Towns: If We Build it Will it Make a Difference?

Description:  This session presents a snapshot of the latest innovations in American transit oriented development (TOD). We will draw on developers’ insights on two new projects: building consensus in Pleasant Hill, California to turn a train stati... read more »

Rebuilding the American City with Transit: The State of the Practice of Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  There is no simple recipe for implementing transit-oriented development (TOD). This session looks at suburban case studies to find the ingredients for successful TODs. Community partnerships, understanding real estate, planning for grow... read more »

The Fate of the Arterial

Description:  Arterials are the streets we love to hate — but what will replace them? CNU’s Transportation Task Force members imagine that many will evolve into new urbanist boulevards and avenues, but others will have to do a better job of carry... read more »

Reviving Boulevards and Avenues as Major Thoroughfares

Description:  Context Sensitive Solutions in Major Thoroughfare Design ... read more »

Razing Freeways, Raising Values

Description:  Cities across North America are removing freeways to ignite reinvestment. Recognizing the destruction of neighborhoods and land values caused by urban freeways, communities are choosing alternatives that restore torn fabric through rich... read more »