Columbia Heights

Location:  Washington D.C Narrative & program:  Columbia Heights was historically an ideal mixed-use neighborhood with a thriving retail core and elegant arts and entertainment. ... read more »

House Office Buildings Facilities Plan and Preliminary South Capitol Area Plan

Location:  Washington D.C Narrative & program:  The U.S. Capitol Complex in Washington D.C. is one of the most significant and sensitive urban places in our country. The faciliti... read more »

River North

Location:  San Antonio, Texas Narrative & program:  The Community Development Corporation of Downtown San Antonio, in cooperation with the City of San Antonio, initiated the plan... read more »

Wesmont Station

Location:  Woodridge, NJ Narrative & program:  Winner of the 2006 New Jersey Smart Growth Award Wesmont Station is a transit-oriented development that will occupy the site of ... read more »

Addison Circle

Location:  Addison, Texas Narrative & program:  Addison Circle is a prime example of a sustainable high-density mixed-use urban neighborhood within a classic "edge city" setting.... read more »

Mockingbird Station

Location:  Dallas, TX Narrative & program:  Increasingly, municipalities are turning to light rail and other rapid transit systems to ease commuter burden. In Dallas, results hav... read more »

Atlantic Terrace

Location:  Brooklyn, NY Narrative & program:  Historically, Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn was developed as a manufacturing, industrial, and commercial corridor. Many of its buildin... read more »

Parkview Commons

Location:  Bronx, New York Narrative & program:  Parkview Commons is a new mixed use affordable housing development located on Elton Avenue fronting East 161st Street in the Melr... read more »

Sugar Hill Apartments

Location:  New York, NY Narrative & program:  Located among traditional homes and carriage-houses in the historic Sugar Hill area in Harlem, New York, the Sugar Hill Apartments r... read more »

Ellington on the Park

Location:  New York, NY Narrative & program:  Ellington on the Park is the third phase of an HPD Cornerstone Development located on Bradhurst Avenue in Harlem, New York. The 12-... read more »