Havana Waterfront

Location:  Havana, Cuba Narrative & program:  As part of an eight-week urban studio that involved a trip to Havana, fifth-year University of Notre Dame architecture students were... read more »

Heart of Lake

Location:  Huixdang Island, Xiamen, China Narrative & program:  Slated to have its eight phases of construction complete in 2018, Heart of Lake is a New Urbanist community being ... read more »

Southwest Waterfront

Location:  Washington, DC Narrative & program:  Part of Pierre L’Enfant’s original plan for the Capitol, Washington, DC’s Southwest Waterfront has seen better days. At the ... read more »

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Manatee Pocket Gateway

Location:  Port Salerno, FL, 34992, USA Narrative & program:  The Manatee Pocket Gateway is a pedestrian plaza overlooking the Manatee Pocket. The project includes stingray-shape... read more »

Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan

Location:  Buffalo, New York Narrative & program:  Fifteen years ago - the year after the Congress for the New Urbanism first convened - three hundred citizens met in the studio ... read more »

The North End Plan

Location:  Michigan City, Indiana, USA Narrative & program:  Founded in 1832, Michigan City is a relatively typical Midwestern "rust belt" town with a total population of about 3... read more »

North End

Location:  Milwaukee, WI Narrative & program:  Milwaukee’s newest downtown neighborhood overlooks the Milwaukee River at the former industrial site of the Pfister & Vogel t... read more »

Pass Christian Smart Code

Location:  Pass Christian, MS Narrative & program:  Pass Christian's oak-lined streets and historic architecture had earned it the name 'Jewel of the Gulf Coast' prior to Hurrica... read more »

Belvidere Precinct

Location:  Perth, Australia Narrative & program:  This brownfield project in Perth, Australia's east side incorporates semi-detached housing centered around public green space. I... read more »

A Response to the Current Development of Valparaiso’s Waterfront

Location:  Valparaiso, Chile Narrative & program:  This project is the product of a thesis submitted to the faculty of the Graduate School of Univ. of Maryland, College Park, in ... read more »