Downtown Reverse Angle Parking

Location:  Montgomery, Alabama Narrative & program:  Downtown Montgomery has implemented another New Urban innovation with the addition of reverse angle parking on a key thorough... read more »

The Saucier Town Plan

Location:  Saucier, MS Narrative & program:  With funding from a regional planning and development district, the local county zoning office obtained the services of the design te... read more »

Courthouse Square, Theatre Way and Broadway Streetscape

Location:  Redwood City, CA Narrative & program:  As in many once thriving small and medium-sized American cities, Redwood City, California suffered serious losses in the last 50... read more »

Innovista Master Plan

Location:  Columbia, SC Narrative & program:  The submission is a proposed new mixed-use, live/work urban district located in the downtown area of Columbia, South Carolina, the s... read more »

Harbor Town

Location:  Memphis, TN Narrative & program:  Contrary to most development occurring in Memphis in the late 1980s, a Memphis developer wanted to create a vibrant new neighborhood ... read more »

Long Beach Mississippi Concept Plan

Location:  Long Beach, MS Narrative & program:  Long Beach, Mississippi is a bedroom community of about 17,300 residents on the Gulf Coast. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the a... read more »

Downtown Plan - Providence, RI

Location:  Providence, RI, USA Narrative & program:  This city-scale plan encompasses an area nearly four miles long and one mile wide, and seeks to expand the downtown’s posit... read more »