smart growth

Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan

Location:  South Louisiana region, Louisiana, USA Narrative & program:  In 2005 Hurricane Katrina and Rita left 80% of New Orleans flooded, damaging 200,000 homes, 81,000 busines... read more »

The Saucier Town Plan

Location:  Saucier, MS Narrative & program:  With funding from a regional planning and development district, the local county zoning office obtained the services of the design te... read more »

City Plan 2025 - Fayetteville, Arkansas

Location:  Fayetteville, AR Narrative & program:  Nestled in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville is a rapidly growing city of about 70,000. Home to University of Ark... read more »

Initiative for a 20/20 Vision for Concord, NH

Location:  Concord, NH, USA Narrative & program:  Concord, NH, and the surrounding Merrimack region have faced unprecedented growth in the last 20 years. An earlier attempt at a... read more »

State of Maryland's Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiative

Location:  Annapolis, MD, USA Narrative & program:  The Maryland Department of the Environment's (MDE's) Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Implementation Plan is a signi... read more »

Boston's Newest Smart Growth Corridor: A Collaborative Vision for the Fairmount/Indigo Line

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts, USA Narrative & program:  A collaborative planning team formed by four community development corporations created a vision for new, urban villag... read more »