Riverview HOPE VI Housing

Location:  Cleveland, Ohio Narrative & program:  On a crescent of forested bluff with views of downtown and Lake Eerie, Cleveland's Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority is bui... read more »

Bethesda Row

Location:  Bethesda, Maryland Narrative & program:  Ten years ago, this site in Bethesda, Maryland existed as an unremarkable suburban district tailored for automobile traffic. ... read more »

Millenium Place

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts Narrative & program:  Like many American downtowns, this district suffered a decline after World War II. Without influential stakeholders in the... read more »

101 San Fernando

Location:  San Jose, California Narrative & program:  Twenty years ago, San Jose was synonymous with sprawl. Today, as the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose has eme... read more »

Quartier am Tacheles

Location:  Berlin, Germany Narrative & program:  A historically sensitive redevelopment of a war-wrecked block in central Berlin. The land is segmented into sub-blocks and restor... read more »

Glenwood Park

Location:  Atlanta, GA, USA Narrative & program:  This plan starts with the site cleanup of a former concrete recycling plant two miles from downtown Atlanta. Inspired by a three... read more »

I'on Village

Location:  Mount Pleasant, SC, USA Narrative & program:  The project is a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood located on a 243-acre tract of land surrounded on three side... read more »

East Baltimore Comprehensive Physical ReDevelopment Plan

Location:  East Baltimore, MD, USA Narrative & program:  Approved plan for inserting new biotech buildings, retail, schools, recreation facilities, and at least 1,200 new and res... read more »

Sarasota 2050

Location:  Sarasota, Florida, USA Narrative & program:  This regional project is an overlay to Sarasota County’s existing comprehensive plan. Everglades wetlands are protected ... read more »


Location:  Bluffton, SC United States Narrative & program:  The core of a low-country traditional neighborhood development, the Village is carefully sited along the May River and... read more »