Pass Christian Smart Code

Location:  Pass Christian, MS Narrative & program:  Pass Christian's oak-lined streets and historic architecture had earned it the name 'Jewel of the Gulf Coast' prior to Hurrica... read more »

Gulfport Redevelopment Plan

Location:  Gulfport, MS Narrative & program:  This Plan presents a conceptual strategy for redeveloping many areas of the city of Gulfport, Mississippi. Such a strategy became n... read more »

Centre Wise Lamartine

Location:  Boston, MA Narrative & program:  Mixed use building with 30 units of affordable housing in 3 floors above ground floor retail space. Located across from Jackson Squar... read more »

Rowhouses of Lakewood Balmoral

Location:  Chicago, Illinois Narrative & program:  The Rowhouses of Lakewood Balmoral are an award-winning example of infill properties. Nestled between commercial and residentia... read more »

905 Juniper Street

Location:  Atlanta, Georgia Narrative & program:  905 Juniper, located at the corner of Juniper Street NE and 8th Street is a mixed use building with ninety four residential unit... read more »

The Garden District

Location:  Deland, Florida Narrative & program:  The rebuilding of a former crack slum adjacent to Downtown DeLand, FL and renaming it The Garden District. Michael E. Arth redid ... read more »

Belvidere Precinct

Location:  Perth, Australia Narrative & program:  This brownfield project in Perth, Australia's east side incorporates semi-detached housing centered around public green space. I... read more »

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Excelsior and Grand

Location:  St. Louis Park, MN, 55416, USA Narrative & program:  The suburb of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, just southwest of Minneapolis, launched a vision plan in 1994 to create a... read more »

The Ellington

Location:  Washington, D.C. Narrative & program:  This project is located in a formerly thriving African American arts and music destination in Washington, D.C. In recent decade... read more »

University of Washington Tacoma Master Plan

Location:  Tacoma, Washington Narrative & program:  This University of Washington campus was established to provide higher education for southern Tacoma, but it is also the cente... read more »