affordable housing

Station Center

Location:  Union City, California Narrative & program:  Union City is one of the farthest-flung BART stops in the San Francisco Bay Area, and one of the least developed. As part... read more »

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Carter Park

Location:  Indiantown, Fl, 34956, USA Narrative & program:  Carter Park is a new traditional neighborhood located within the Indiantown Community Redevelopment Area. The Carter P... read more »

Planning Abaco

Location:  Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas Narrative & program:  The community of Great Abaco Island (also known as "Abaco") obtained the services of the design team with the pur... read more »

Artscape Wychwood Barns

Location:  Toronto, Ontario Narrative & program:  Brownfield Adaptive Re-Use of Streetcar Maintenance Barns and Storage Yards The Setting An abandoned, historic 1 acre streetcar ... read more »

Columbia Heights

Location:  Washington D.C Narrative & program:  Columbia Heights was historically an ideal mixed-use neighborhood with a thriving retail core and elegant arts and entertainment. ... read more »

Oakwood Shores

Location:  Chicago, IL, USA Narrative & program:  This project represents the development of land owned by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to replace troubled public housing ... read more »

A Pattern Book for Neighborly Houses

Location:  Neighborhoods, United States Narrative & program:  According to national research studies, a large percentage of Americans would accept affordable housing in their nei... read more »

Rockville Town Square

Location:  Rockville, MD, USA Narrative & program:  Located in the heart of Rockville Maryland, a close-in suburb of Washington, DC, the project reflects the transformation of 12... read more »

Woodstock Downtown

Location:  Woodstock, Georgia, 30309, USA Narrative & program:  This project is located along both sides of Main Street in Woodstock's historic central business district and refl... read more »

Vedanta University Master Plan

Location:  Orissa, India Narrative & program:  In India today there is only one seat for every 10,000 university applicants, and those lucky enough to find a seat have limited ch... read more »