Letter of Support

Dear CNU members,

After 6 years and many revisions, members of the three partner organizations that have guided the creation of LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) now have the opportunity to vote on whether the system is indeed ready for release. CNU is conducting a member ballot and we urge you to support the current version of the LEED-ND rating system. We believe the rating system will raise consciousness of the essential contributions neighborhood design and location make to sustainability. It will introduce a broad new audience to new urbanist and smart growth principles while also advancing the inclusion of green building techniques within our movement.

CNU helped create LEED-ND because members identified the need to expand the original focus of green building practice to include a more holistic concern about the context of those buildings. As new urbanists, we recognize that no building can be considered truly green unless its location and relationship to the surrounding neighborhood are taken into account. LEED-ND provides a system to recognize those projects that particularly excel at site location and connections, neighborhood pattern and design as well as green infrastructure and buildings.

Starting with preliminary discussions at CNU XI, many of you have devoted valuable time to advancing the rating system-from drafting credits and testing thresholds to reviewing versions and submitting comments. In addition, many new urbanist projects were tested against the earlier pilot version of the rating system, providing on-the-ground evaluation of how the system would work. Your contributions have resulted in a stronger draft that upholds many of the essential components of new urbanist practice.

That said, new urbanists involved with the intimate details will be the first to tell you that LEED-ND is not perfect. This first version is a starting point and LEED-ND will be updated on a regular basis based on marketplace experience. And with the Charter and the Transect embedded in the rating system, we predict that it will become even more new urbanist with time.

We believe LEED-ND will prove to be a powerful tool in spreading new urbanist principles and practices in the building industry. For those reasons, we ask you to support LEED for Neighborhood Development.


CNU Board

Ray Gindroz, Board Chair
Victor Dover, Vice Chair & LEED-ND Core Committee member
Stephanie Bothwell, Treasurer
Todd Zimmerman, Secretary
John Norquist, CEO and President & LEED-ND Core Committee member
Doug Farr, LEED-ND Core Committee member
Susan Mudd, LEED-ND Core Committee member
Jennifer Hurley
Zach Borders
Sam Sherman
Ellen Dunham-Jones
Douglas Kelbaugh

CNU Board Emeritus

Andres Duany

CNU Representatives on the LEED Location and Planning Technical Advisory Group

Harrison Rue
Tony Sease
Fred Dock
Laurie Volk
Steve Mouzon
Laurence Aurbach
Lucy Rowland
Bruce Donnelly
Ron Kilcoyne
Dana Little