Start a New Initiative

Have an idea for how to overcome a common barrier to the implementation of New Urbanism? The strength of the movement lies in the expertise of our members and their continued work to reform the development professions. As an organization, CNU aims to harness this expertise through our initiatives and then disseminate the principles, tools and techniques to increase the implementation of New Urbanism. We have identified two steps in developing a successful new initiative: connecting with other members and developing an initiative proposal and developing an initiative workplan for additional support from CNU.

Values of the Strategic Plan

CNU's strategic plan identified a list of critical issues to guide the creation of initiatives and the allocation of CNU resources:

  • Sustainability
  • Transportation
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility and Visitability
  • Regionalism
  • Implementation

Step 1: Connect

Connect with other members around an idea and invite fellow volunteers to join the project. CNU provides the following ways to network with other members:

  • Open Source Congress: annual congress event where members can create and manage their own working sessions.
  • Initiatives Lunch: annual congress events where members discuss broader reform ideas.
  • Chapters: local groups of members across the country working on the dissemination of New Urbanism in their region.

Step 2: Develop

Develop a work plan and submit an initiative proposal to Alex McKeag, CNU Program Manager at CNU can provide assistance with communication, coordination, and potentially funding. The CNU board will review proposals on an annual basis according to the following criteria:

  • Coordination with the strategic plan.
  • Progress to date and momentum.
  • Critical mass of volunteers.
  • National implications of the project.
  • Existing commitments and funding.
  • Board or chapter liaison.

About CNU Initiatives

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