Light Imprint New Urbanism

At the New Initiatives Forum during CNU XV in Philadelphia, a new initiative called Light Imprint New Urbanism was born.

What is it?

Light Imprint New Urbanism (LINU) is a comprehensive approach development technique which aims to lie lightly on the land by coordinating sustainable engineering practices and New Urbanist design techniques, offering different solutions for different transect zones. Using Greenville, South Carolina's Griffin Park community as a case study, the strategy significantly lowers construction and engineering costs, and allows for additional focus on conservation and environmental efficiency without compromising design priorities such as connectivity and the public realm. The Light Imprint Storm Water Design Transect Matrix provides over 60 different tools organized for appropriate application on the urban to rural transect with their general cost ranking for installation and maintenance. (A link can be found below) A signup sheet from the forum, also found below, lists the people that participated at the LINU discussion during CNU XV.

How to Get Involved

1) Send us examples of Light Imprint New Urbanism. We will collect this information and post it on this web page so it can be a resource for everyone. 2) Provide additional ideas about how Light Imprint New Urbanism can be implemented. All ideas and thoughts are welcome and encouraged. 3) Get involved in planning future activities. For more information contact DPZ designer Tom Low or CNU Planning Director Heather Smith.

For More Information

Here is a link to a report outlining LINU.
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