Steve Price

Steve Price of Urban Advantage communicates the urban design principles of Smart Growth and New Urbanism to non-professional audiences through photo-realistic illustration. After getting a degree in sociology in the 1970s, dabbling in fine art in Los Angeles, and working as a technical illustrator for Silicon Valley companies like Apple and Hewlett Packard, he combined his interests in urbanism, human sociality, and visual communication, creating instructional illustrations about walkable and social urban form. Steve is a board member of the Form-Based Codes Institute, a non-profit organization advancing new methods of urban development regulation. His ongoing interest in local affairs led him to involvements in his own community as a planning commissioner and design review board member.

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Loneliness, urban design, and form-based codes

A remarkable and growing body of literature is telling us that healthy communities need face-to-face interaction among their members, something that electronic media cannot replace. Physical places enable or prevent that interaction.