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Headlines for the Week Ending June 9

The death and life of suburban malls, the promise of post-highway cities, and uncovering a great American waterfall

The hidden ways that architecture affects how you feel
BBC Future, June 6, 2017
Not only do buildings and cities affect our mood and well-being, but our brain cells are attuned to the geometry and spatial arrangement of the spaces we inhabit.

Brick and mortar stores are dying but not at this mall
Marketplace, June 8, 2017
"The smart guys are going to go to a much smaller footprint and absolutely have nothing on site."

10 libraries as community hubs
Urban Land, May 22, 2017
Rather than fading in the age of the internet and digital media, libraries are taking on an even stronger role in community life.

Local Headlines

Akron's getting rid of a downtown highway. What should replace it?
StreetsblogUSA, June 8, 2017
Locals hope that a new wave of civic leadership will be open to acting on their ideas.

Oregon's Niagara Falls, Revealed
CityLab, June 7, 2017
Hidden behind the industry on its banks, Willamette Falls has long been out of reach. A $25 million river walk will soon change that.

Once a city of neighborhoods, Chicago's now about making the scene
Chicago Sun-Times, June 9, 2017
Misconceptions arise by simply looking citywide.

Four exciting urbanist data points from Seattle's MHA study
The Urbanist, June 9, 2017
A potentially big win for housing affordability in Seattle.

Philadelphia wants to remedy an urban renewal failure
Next City, June 5, 2017
Eastwick residents are now being asked to think about the future of a few key vacant sites.